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The International School of Ministry - Guyana.

Or, start an ISOM School in Your Church 


Dr. Ravindra Shiwnandan

Regional Representative of ISOM

Dr. Michelle Shiwnandan

Education Director of HAOG GOC

ISOM Founders

Drs. Berin & Lisa Gilfillan

of Good Shepherds Ministries International

ISOM is.

The internationally-recognized name for the International School of Ministry® is the world’s largest video Bible school with more than 17,000 training sites in 145 nations. It is primarily church-based video Bible school covering Associates, Bachelors and Masters level training. Individual students may also participate online.

It is a  complete training curriculum, including a facilitator’s guide, workbooks, group discussions, homework assignments, and tests.


It is a  program that respects pastoral leadership and authority. It is a  Bible training curriculum with easy online review and make-up to assist local facilitators.


It is powerful missions too with a curriculum that provides an opportunity for every willing person in the Church to be trained for ministry.


It is a professionally-recorded curriculum with well-known teachers, such as Jack Hayford, Reinhard Bonnke, Joyce Meyer, John Bevere, and 26 others, that impart life messages, each in their areas of expertise.


ISOM is a cost-effective program that is easy to implement and is extremely affordable for the students.


A school where knowledge, character, and spiritual gifts are equally taught.


A Bible College where full online students can study at their own pace and are also welcome.


A program through which the power of the Holy Spirit is manifested.

Why ISOM- Guyana?

The greatest threat to the devil is the multiplication growth of the Church.  That multiplication is dependent upon the church doing its part in five areas. which God multiples.  They are:

  (1) The Word
  (2) Discipleship
  (3) Leadership
  (4) Anointing
  (5) Church Planting 


Herstelling AOG GOC - Regional Center

Heavenly Light FGF

First AOG

Faith Community Church

El Perazim FGF

Grove FGF

Miracle Touch AOG

Madhia AOG

Victory AOG

Bartica FGF,


Freedom Life Ministries



We have already graduated 2000 workers since 2001


Trimester 1 (31 hour–long video sessions)
New Testament Survey
Praise and Worship
Supernatural Living
Foundations of the Faith

Trimester 2 (32* hour-long video sessions)

Power of Prayer
Ministry of Helps
Old Testament Survey
The essence of the Gospel
Jesus Our Healer Today
Living By Faith*

Trimester 3 (32* hour-long video sessions)
Church-Based Training
Cell Group And Principle of 12
Power Evangelism
Leader’s Integrity
Leadership Vision
Church Planting
Being Led by the Spirit
Promise Keepers*

Trimester 4  (32 hour- long video sessions)
Wilderness Mentalities
Developing Leaders
Cell Group Leaders
Personal Evangelism
Spiritual Warfare
Missions and the Harvest 

Trimester 5  (32 hour-long video sessions)
Christ Connection
Living to Give
Biblical Eldership
Reaching a New Generation
Managing tomorrow
Ministering to Youth


Students may then go on a path to a degree
program and then to a master's program.


Start an ISOM School in Your Church 

If you are the pastor of your church, challenge your members to be trained. Your promotion of the school is critical to its success. Also, appoint a respected facilitator with administrative gifting.

If you are not the pastor of your church, show and submit all materials to your local pastor for approval and support.
Pray and seek God about your personal involvement with the ISOM. Remember that this is more than a program; it is discipleship, and consequently must be directed by His Spirit.
Upon approval from your local pastor, begin to promote the ISOM to people in your church, or to those whom you know will be interested.


                        Guidelines for the Facilitator

Secure a location and time for the classes, as well as all necessary equipment.
Set a date to begin the school (remember to allow at least 2 weeks for order processing with ISOM). Ask potential students to sign up, and pay a registration and material cost of $20USD per student for the first trimester directly to you (then you will make one payment to our office for the class).
Call ISOM- Guyana on 265-4365 ( Sister Sharmila) or 226 2687 (Sister Anjanie) with your school order and payment information.
Expect a 1-2 week delivery time after your order has been placed. Upon receipt, verify your order by checking the videos, workbooks, etc.

                            Making ISOM Your Own

Develop your own style and schedule for your classes. A dress code and punctual starting times are recommended. Attendance for each class session needs to be recorded. Look over the Facilitators Guide (included with school materials) for further instructions. Bathe everything in prayer as you begin your classes, and trust God to accomplish His purposes and plans throughout the lessons.

                               Trimester Completion

Call and order the next trimester at least 2 weeks before your start date. Track students and grades using the formatted spreadsheet that will be provided, then submit this to our office for administrative processing.  We will be always available to assist you along your journey to train and disciple your flock. 

2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV)  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

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