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History of Herstelling AOG Global Outreach Center


High levels of excitement and optimism overflowed as a new preaching was now birthed. A property was then rented in Fourth Street, Herstelling to sustain the work. The late Pastor Jaipaul Singh was the leader of the preaching point which quickly gathered momentum and had grown to over 20 members. As a result, other departments began to develop; namely Sunday School and Youth Ministries.


The outstation then made another venue change to 368 Third Street Herstelling under the late Pastor Jaipaul Singh's watch and was getting ready to spread its wings. This was under the "bottom house" of Pastor George Persaud who was not a Christian at that time. God had a plan which was to be later revealed.


The late Pastor Jaipaul Singh was called to another area of ministry as Pastor Donald Singh assumed the reins of control. During this time a youthful John Cummings came intermittingly to keep the hearts of the new believers encouraged. Shortly after, George Persaud got saved and he became the leader of the outstation. Shortly after Pastor George received ministerial credentials and continued this mighty work.

It was under the leadership of Pastor George that the outstation became an organized church with a growing membership. In 1990 the church then seized an opportunity to purchase a property at 350 Third Street Herstelling for approximately $17,000 GYD(Guyana dollars) and hence a building project commenced. In 1992 the then-new church building was completed, and the membership grew to fifty-five believers with several active departments.

In 1994 Reverend George Persaud migrated to Canada, and the reins of leadership were given to a young visionary Dr. Ravindra Shiwnandan who is the longest-serving Pastor of Herstelling Assembly of God Global Outreach Center.


with youthful exuberance and a seasoned church, Herstelling AOG began to spread its wings even more as new members were added to the ministry. This called for an enlarged edifice, and Rev. Dr. Ravindra Shiwnandan and leadership responde4d to the call and enlarged the church in 1995 with an upper and lower deck on the extended structure. The church was now equipped with Pastor's and Treasurer's offices along with a built-in baptismal pool and kitchenette.


In 1998 Pastor Shiwnandan introduced the International School of Ministry programme to the church which seeks to train and develop members and leaders for ministry and service. This is an ongoing program which is in its 20th year in operation (being 2018). More than 150 of our members have completed their Diplomas, 21 of these have completed their Bachelor's Degree, and 5 of these are doing their Master's Degree.

Under the supervision of Pastor Shiwnandan, ISOM is now conducted in 26 other churches locally and internationally.


In 2007, the church saw a significant expansion as lot 351 Herstelling became available for purchase. This prompted a double-lot, three-storeyed extension project which was a test of skill, heart, and faith.

With only 1% of the funds secured for the completion of the project, Pastor Ravindra Shiwnandan led the charge, and within one year, in July 2008, the new building was completed and commissioned by our General Bishop John O. Smith. The new structure was equipped with an auditorium capacity of 450. Our modern facilities include a computer lab, sewing lab, large kitchen, and several other classrooms to facilitate both theological and vocational training. The building was also designed to host guests, and missionary teams as a self-contained accommodation area were completed. 

In 2008, responding to the mandate of  a holistic social and moral vision for Guyana; one that seeks to serve the common good of all people by offering practical steps for strengthening homes, assisting the educational systems, and restoring neighborhoods our church added Global Outreach Center to its name, and we launched our Vocational Skills Training Institute. This arm of our church is ably led by the Director of Education and beloved First Lady, Dr. Michelle Shiwnandan. Through a partnership with the Government of Guyana, Board of Industrial Training, European Union and BNTF, and our members, about twelve hundred persons, from near and far have been given a second chance at life to learn a skill, receive accreditation and sustain their financial future. 

In 2011 Herstelling AOG has launched an outstation in Yarrowkabra on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway which is being led by Br. Rabindranauth Baljit and team. In 2012 another Outstation in Hutsonville (New Hope) with Br. Ramanah Veerasammy as the then leader and he was succeeded by Br. Victor Lupuku who is the current leader of the Outstation. Over the years we also established ten outstation Sunday Schools and ten Cell Groups as outreaches from our local church in keeping with our mandate to spread the gospel. 


The Kingdom mindedness of our congregation allows us not only to reach our area, but we give regular missions support to seven Para-church organizations and more recently, to financially support the "upper-ground church" on the Himalayan range in Nepal. 


Looking back from 1968 to 2018, our church has grown tremendously in membership and size and is thankful for all those who have labored in the vineyard. The current membership of our church is 278, and we have a significant group of friends and followers. Our building is well established as all departments, and institutions are in active operation. As we continue to forge forward, the next 50 years will be even more significant as to whom much is given, much is required.


With a matured congregation and leadership, the wings will be spread even more as sights are set on accomplishing the Great Commission and being a Lighthouse in this darkened world. This is in keeping with our name and mandate: Herstelling Assembly of God Global Outreach Center.

The Great Commission was charged to all the faithful believers some 2000 years ago, and the voice still rings in our ears as clear as crystal in 2018. Bearing the testimony to the history of faithful believers and servants of God, who have made Matthew 28:18-20 not just a scripture recital but their life's work.


In August and September 1968, Eccles Assembly of God under the shepherding of Evangelist Sam Ramphal organized a six-week crusade in the Herstelling community at the famous "Cow Pasture." There were immediate fruits of this hard labor as over twelve new believers were added to the Kingdom of God. This marked the beginning of a new chapter as a new avenue for the gospel to be preached gave way. This was also a significant moment, as it meant the first time the Pentecostal movement came to the Herstelling Community.

50th Anniversary

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