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2022 Evangelism Plan

Know about Guyana

Geography Area: 215,000 sq km
On the north coast of South America.
A developed coastal strip with an under-developed, forested interior.
Population: 761,442    
Annual Growth: -0.06%
Capital: Georgetown
Urbanites: 28.5%
HDI Rank: 118 of 182 (UN Human Development Reports 2013)

Guyana's Evangelism Field

Christianity and Hinduism are the dominant religions in Guyana. Data from a 2002 census on religious affiliation indicates that approximately 57 percent of the population is Christian. The composition of that population is:

Pentecostal, 17%
Roman Catholicism, 8%
Anglican, 7%
Seventh-day Adventist, 5% and
other Christian groups, 20%.

Approximately 28 percent is Hindu, 7 percent is Muslim (mostly Sunni with Shia and Ahmadiyya minorities), and 2 percent practice other beliefs, including the Rastafari movement, Buddhism, and the Baha'i Faith. An estimated 4 percent of the population does not profess any religion.[2]

The country is ethnically diverse, reflecting East Indian, African, Chinese, and European ancestry, as well as a significant indigenous population. Members of all

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