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The Problem- Sickness and Sin

Medical Mission International was founded to provide immediate medical and surgical care to people in under-served regions of the world who have limited access to health care services, particularly to women & children. We believe that quality medical care is a catalyst for economic development & breaking the cycle of poverty.

We must stop this carnage by reaching this target group.


Hinterland Medical Missions International


HMMI was founded by Drs. R & M Shiwnandan in 1996 as a subsidiary of Herstelling Assembly of God Global Outreach Center. Its main emphasis is medical missionary evangelism. We believe Jesus' main work on the earth included teaching and healing. Therefore, since our master sought to minister unto the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of all men, it is the belief that this "holistic" form of work is greatly needed today.


HMMI is founded to provide quality healthcare information and services to the people in the rural and hinterland areas of Guyana.

We will do this by promoting and organizing short term teams of volunteers, ministers, health professionals, teachers, other professionals to the targeted areas to expand evangelism and health awareness and do clinics and evangelism simultaneously


(a) Develop Partnerships with churches and Parachurch Organisations.

(b) Establish health clinics and urgent care centers in small remote villages to enhance preventative care and treat illness and injuries.

(c) Train young prospects to become Community Health Evangelists.

Future Action

  1.  Toe continue serving the poor and needy areas.

  2. to develop new partners to expand to surgical care in needed areas of our country.

  3. To introduce training for COMMUNITY MEDICAL EVANGELISM.


  1.  To continue to establish Partnerships with funding Agencies, new government Ministries, and Kingdom Businesses.

  2. To find new sources of funding for future missions.

  3. For God's redemptive purposes to be fulfilled through our MEDICAL MISSIONS.

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